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英語ブログ再開するよ :: 2010/04/30(Fri)



It's okay for you to think about the past and some of the negative that
you wish that you could have done better.

But after you analyzes the negative things then you must say to yourself that you are growing in life.

You are becoming a mature women now. That's a good thing.
Not saying that your getting's that you are gaining knowledge and wisdom.

So correct all the negative things that you did in the past and start doing things that you enjoy doing and set goals in what you want to accomplish in the future.

I will always be by your side forever.



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sorry about that! :: 2010/02/28(Sun)

I've forgotten here for a long time..
Time is passing so fast

I've been to so busy with my work, just doing doing that.
My friends have written emails to me, but..
I haven't written back to them yet.
I am very sorry about that.

Well, One day shop is oepned today, called "Sunny Mama Market".
I'm going to there soon.

I have no picture of the shop today, forgot taking any pictures

I'll be back here! and wirte soon.

Have a good weekend


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It's new mobile. :: 2009/12/13(Sun)

Long time no here...
The time is passing so first, and
things will be changed so quickly in this world.

I've just changed my mobile phone
Every time when I change new one,
I feel like that my new world will be start.

This one is tenth.
The first time, I had a Docomo mobile, then
Virgin mobile which was for England
After that I had a J phone.
and I have never moved to another Japanese company of mobile.
However I had to move autmatically to different one.
J phone to Vodafone, then Soft bank now.

It's little bit funny because I have moved against my choice
It might be kind of life. haha

Well, the most important is,
I love my new mobile phone now!

Last one was looking good outside..but
Inside wasn't good.

You know? Inside is important

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