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It's new mobile. :: 2009/12/13(Sun)

Long time no here...
The time is passing so first, and
things will be changed so quickly in this world.

I've just changed my mobile phone
Every time when I change new one,
I feel like that my new world will be start.

This one is tenth.
The first time, I had a Docomo mobile, then
Virgin mobile which was for England
After that I had a J phone.
and I have never moved to another Japanese company of mobile.
However I had to move autmatically to different one.
J phone to Vodafone, then Soft bank now.

It's little bit funny because I have moved against my choice
It might be kind of life. haha

Well, the most important is,
I love my new mobile phone now!

Last one was looking good outside..but
Inside wasn't good.

You know? Inside is important

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